At The Airport

So you're about to head off on an're packed and you're 99.9% sure you haven't forgotten anything. What's next?

Heading Out

Plan Ahead 

Know about any changes to your flight - and your route to the airport. Choose seats that suit your flying personality, if you want to see the views but need the respectful. 

Be Well Rested 

No matter what time you're flying out, make sure you've gotten enough sleep. Don't rely on a long haul flight for nap time. If travelling long distances - begin adapting to time zone change before leaving, it'll help with the jet-lag. 

Be Early 

Rushing is the worst thing you can do, panic sets in and there's usually more obstacles the closer things get to takeoff. 

Be Prepared For Check-in 

Make sure that everything you need for the check-in process is easily accessible (but safe.) Snap a picture of your luggage in case of loss...because it happens! Also have a change of clothes or two in your carry-on ( or at least clean undies!)  

Be Prepared For Security 

Make sure your liquids are the correct size and in their rightful place. Know what you need to remove for security and get ready while in the queue to help things move along quickly. Empty pockets before heading through and lower the risk of leaving your keys behind you. Head left when it comes to queues - because it's instinctive to head right as most of us are right handed. Don't repack on the other side, move away from security first!  

Be Mindful 

Know where everything is at all times...if you charge anything, make sure to unplug it! Pay attention to the people around you. Airplanes ARE public transportation after all, when in the airport...give up a seat if someone needs it more.  

Be Patient 

People WILL frustrate you (or you them.) Don't add to anyone's stress levels. Things go wrong, sometimes people can be slow to understand things...just breathe. Visit The Shop Hydration is important, get a bottle of water before your flight just in case! Also, having a snack on hand is always a good plan...especially if you're not a fan of the airline's food.  

Be Comfortable 

Relax "Back in the day" it was important to dress up for such occasions as flying across the world. These days however, we don't like spending 9 hours with a belt buckle burrowed in our stomach. casual.

Arriving at your Destination


Rush to get off the plane...unless you're headed for a connecting flight and have a short layover (we do recommend you pay attention to those when booking - some airports are a nightmare to navigate.)  

Be rude...if someone needs to get to their bag but you're not in a rush, go with the flow. Stand in front of someone else while waiting for baggage, just have a good view of what's coming around on the carousel and politely squeeze through when you see your luggage.  


"Know" your lifting down baggage if someone needs help. Also, if there's a bag in front of yours, don't put it back if it needs to be taken out.  

Remember everything you took out during the flight.  

Have any necessary documentation prepared for any customs or similar departure area.  

Check that you've grabbed the right baggage!

We will admit that most of this is simply common sense, especially to seasoned adventurers, but we've all run into THOSE people...and sometimes reminders are helpful to everyone.

Safe Travels!