Bits & Bobs

Travel Documents

Travel to Europe requires your valid passport. (Take a photocopy along also.) DO NOT PACK YOUR PASSPORT IN YOUR LUGGAGE. Ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months AFTER your return to the US.

Time Difference

Ireland and the UK are on Greenwich Mean Time. GMT is six hours ahead of Central Standard Time and five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


Hotels have a service charge for placing calls. You can save 40-50% by calling collect or using an international calling card.

Dialing US numbers from Europe - The international access code is 00 then the country code 1, followed by your area code, and then the phone number. For example, our office phone number would be 0016512918003.

Cell Phones - Discuss the options available with your cellphone provider. They have international packages for specific phones. Renting an international phone is an option but you will pay a high price for the calls.You could consider buying a low cost pay as you go phone on arrival, depending on why you need the cellphone.

Dialing Numbers From The US

Ireland: 011-353-Drop the 0 in front of the local area code.

N.I & UK: 011-44-Drop the 0 in front of the local area code.


We suggest that you leave all valuable items such as expensive jewelry or large amounts of cash at home. If it is necessary for you to bring these items, please take advantage of the in-room safes or contact the front desk. Many homeowners policies to not cover valuables while travelling.

Credit Card Purchases

When charging your purchases to a credit card, sales clerks will often ask if you want to charge your purchases in euros or dollars. Always choose to charge in euros or you will be paying extra fees for exchange rates with your bank.