Danger! Danger! High Voltage

Electrical Currents

Wherever you travel, chances are you'll be dealing with multiple different voltages and currents. Whether you're staying connected or getting ready for a night out, we'll make sure you're covered. Check out this full list of world voltage information over at World Standards and make note of what you may need to bring when you travel abroad.

For example, North America runs on 120va...so a converter and an adapter are often necessary for using American appliances elsewhere.


The North American plug is a different shape from those used in Continental Europe and the UK. A plug adaptor lets you put your plug and the adapter plugs into the socket/outlet. If you're planning on traveling to multiple locations, buying one large kit will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. Head to a larger electronic store for more options and don't be afraid to ask which will work best.

Most of continental Europe uses the standard two round pin plugs, Ireland and the UK are still rebels with three pins plugs. If any of your items have a third prong (which is used for grounding,) you will need an adapter that works with that.


Although hairdryers are generally provided in all accommodations, some of them may be lacking in the...OOMPH department. It's not recommended to pack the likes of curlers, straighteners, or dryers due to converter's lack of ability to handle protecting them. If you can't do without decent preparation tools, buy inexpensive travel companions upon arrival. 

Computers & Phones

The little black box on your computer's power cord is usually self-converting, just double check the label. However you will need a plug adaptor to suit the style of plug on your power cord in order for it to fit into the outlet. If you're planning on traveling to a certain location often (for work or leisure,) consider buying a separate power cord for your computer while abroad.

Phones are also generally self-converting but you can also consider buying a spare charger in the airport or local shop. Some hotels even have outlets with USB slots so you don't need to bring an adapter. If you’re ever stuck, you may also have the option to charge via a USB slot on your hotel room's television. 


Bring extra batteries and memory cards to ensure you can take bucket-loads of photos to make all your friends and relatives jealous. If your batteries are rechargeable you will need to bring a power (voltage) converter (check on the battery charger some are capable of taking both voltages,) and a suitable plug adapter. Same goes for Cameras as any other electronic item, if you're traveling quite a bit, spend some dosh on a spare overseas charger.