Delicious Dingle

We love to be able to personally and confidently recommend things to our clients before their travels. Therefore, occasionally, we take part in fam trips overseas so we can provide you with the best experiences possible. This involves many early mornings and long stints on buses, but we also get to go behind the scenes so as to better understand the inner workings of visitor attractions.

Our most recent excursion was to Dingle, which is somewhere we love and visit often (with clients or without!) Named foodie town of the year for 2014, Dingle never fails to fill an empty tummy with both sweet and savoury goodness! Coastal villages tend to take great pride in their seafood, so do try new things whist there. No one really does chowder the exact same way, so you'll always get something new on your spoon. Don't fret if you're not a seafood lover however, options are plentiful!

What did we get up to in Dingle you ask? Why...we went out on the boat to visit Fungi the dolphin, tried the local alcoholic options at the brewery and distillery, and then overindulged at some of our favourite places. We swear our Slea Head drive was manageable the following day!

Chart House  - Not only is the food absolutely sublime, the atmosphere is warm and inviting! From appetizer to desert, we were satisfied to no end. In fact, we'd love to go back there right now for tonight's dinner! The only downside to visiting the Chart House is being too full and happy to stay in the pub for too long afterwards.

Paudie's Bar (Dingle Bay Hotel) -  As you can see from our very large image there at the tippy top, this is the perfect place for a light lunch. As well as the local ambiance, you can enjoy a selection of fishy flavours AND a pint of Tom Crean lager from the local brewery. Quick and pleasant service right on the main street in Dingle.

Murphy's Ice Cream - They're about to open a second location in Dingle...which is a very small town...that should give you some indication as to how darn good this Ice Cream is! We recommend you stop in just to see the insane flavours that they have on offer, you'll want to try each one, even the Brown Bread. (Insert winking emoji here)

There's hands on options for foodies too! Why not head out to the friendly Dingle Cookery School and learn how to make brown bread, or cook your fish just right? We gave a few recipes a try and just so you know...our oatcakes and scones turned out quite well. If we can do it, so can you.


We'll bring you next time we're going...or you can bring us. We'll happily tag along, desert is on us!

Keep an eye on our social media for news about our cooking tour, coming June 2016!