Even Buddhist Monks Own Scooters (Part 1 of our Vietnamese Experience)

Some of you may be aware that scooters are a preferred method of transportation in Vietnam...there are many facts and figures out there but the sheer number of them zooming around the streets will not phase you until you have seen it for yourself (and have tried to cross the road there.)

Trust us, upon arrival, it will be one of the first things you'll notice.

Something else you'll notice? The weather. It's all about the timing and you should probably avoid monsoon season. We were lucky enough to venture over during March - Don't worry too much about the heat, in our experience, it was overcast most of the time and we didn't have to deal with humidity until we crossed into Cambodia for a couple of days. Do bring sunglasses - overcast weather may trick you but there will be the odd glare to deal with.

One thing we recommend - boats on rivers! Not only are they an easy way to get from A to B, you see things you wouldn't see stuck in a bus amidst millions of scooters.

We took a short journey up river while in Hue to explore the Thien Mu Pagoda - the tallest religious building in Vietnam.

This was one of many temples we saw during our time in Vietnam, we also visited our fair share of beautiful  tombs...

We have so many splendid snaps to share with you! Stay tuned ;)

In Part 2, we'll get stuck into some of the highlights of our trip and share some photos with you! Prepare yourselves for tales from the Mekong Delta...