Feeling A Tad Bit Sheepish?

Whether you've decided to brave the Irish roads in a rental car, or join us for a guided tour of the country, you're bound to come across some Irish traffic and obstacles. Otherwise known as sheep! If you've traveled with us before, you will know the story behind black sheep, and Paddy's jokes about shrinkage...

While on our literary tour this past June, we got the opportunity to swing by a lovely place called Killary Sheep Farm in Leenane, Co. Galway. After seeing the excitable Roy (pictured above) herd some sheep expertly towards us, our host Tom showed off his sheering skills. Although we were all a bit reluctant to give it a go ourselves, the option was there to join in and attempt to do as good a job.

Then came time to meet the lambs, and the chance to feed them. Boy oh boy do they love their feedings! They'll suckle on the prepared bottles like maniacs until every drop is gone! Adorable isn't even the word for that experience. Once we had given them their fill, off they sprinted down the road no doubt in search of mischief.

We certainly recommend a visit to anyone heading through the area, it's an activity for adventurers of all ages and it's hands on fun! We stopped by on a particularly misty day, but if you're blessed with sunshine, there's always an option to head out into the bogs and cut some turf!

We would also like to mention...the views are absolutely fantastic! So have a gander at the website or Facebook for more information.