Film...Our Recommendations.

Whether you've booked your flights or are in the process of planning your journey to the Emerald Isle, you may want to consider some research. Don't worry, we're not suggesting you write a thesis on your travels! We're simply nudging you in the direction of some fantastic films.

Firstly, you have can keep things light with a bit of comedic cinematography or delve into the classics. The latter may have you contemplating some visits to certain locations

Here's some of our favourites, click on the title for more information:

Ryan’s Daughter - 1970 - Drama/History/Romance

The Quiet Man - 1952 - Comedy/Romance/Drama

The Matchmaker - 1997 - Comedy/Romance

This Is My Father - 1998 - Drama/Romance

Bloody Sunday - 2002 - Drama/History/War 

Omagh - 2004 - Drama/History

Agnes Browne - 1999 - Comedy/Drama/Romance

The Magdalene Sisters - 2002 - Drama

The Field - 1990 - Drama/Thriller

Waking Ned Devine - 1998 - Comedy 

Hunger - 2008 - Biography/Drama

War Of The Buttons - 1994 - Adventure/Drama/Family

Dancing At Lughnasa - 1998 - Drama

Now, we know what you're going to say, there's a hell of a lot of romance in that list. Of course there is! Ireland and its history is chock full of romance and drama. Some of the films may be a little more difficult to watch than the others such as Hunger for its content and The Quiet Man for its length. But each and every film on that list is worth a watch! If you're in the mood for something completely insane, you can always pop on Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Not only is it a fun family film, there's some young Sean Connery in there for the ladies ;)

Let us know what your favourites are!!!