Fly Away...

So we've attacked the packing side of things in a previous blog, even delving into the topic of luggage allowance. We've even taken a look at the airport aspect of travelling abroad and we'll be attacking Jetlag head on at some stage. We really just want to make sure we've got you covered all around.

So you know where you want to go and you know what you need to pack...

For Booking:

Check fares early (but not too often!) Clearing browser history and the cache can help as airlines keep an eye on your searches!

Research suggests that 7 weeks before your flight is the best time to book.

Prices can change up to 3 times per day.

Discounts and sales generally occur at the beginning of the week. Buying Tuesday and Wednesday seems to be an ideal time more often than not. Also, flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is usually best.

Holiday travel - BOOK ASAP. (We'll give you some tips on holiday travel too as we're totally smitten with our Christmas Markets tours.)

Airplane Choice & Seats:

Know the model of the plane you're flying on so that you can choose your seats accordingly. Some airlines have planes with extra room in certain areas of the plane that you don't have to pay extra for. If you pay attention to plane type before booking, you can get everything from better entertainment screens to bigger windows to lower cabin pressure. Check out some phone apps like SeatGuru to help you with your choices!

Some airlines buy fleets of planes that squeeze people together like sardines in order to make more bucks...Ryanair is a classic example of airlines pinching pennies at the expense of your comfort. Asian airlines tend to have a bit more space (even if their seats feel a bit more snug, leg room is key!) The likes of sites such as will help you decide on multiple factors...even which flight will give you a better meal!

Remember For Flying:

Stretch. Stay Hydrated.

Travel Light. Eat Light.

Stay Comfortable.