For Yeats Sake

It's safe at this point to assume that we had a blast on our Literary Tour in June, we're in September now (just barely) and still blogging on about it. We tried to keep on top of things while we were away, but were too engrossed in the literature and the great craic that was being had. Pub visits were kept to a minimum, we swear! How about we tell you about our little jaunt through Yeats Country.....just look at that greenery! Um...Scenery...

The Yeats Experience 

Day Tour

Pictures were taken, stories were heard, art was admired.

After our all important breakfast and coffee we met up with Damien Brennan, an expert on the life and literature of W.B. Yeats who shares the poet's enthusiasm for the landscape, and visited a handful of locations described within the recited pieces. From Rosses Point to Lough Gill, we covered good ground and learned some interesting tidbits that we implore you to go in search of learning for your selves.

For our lunch stop, we pulled up in front of St. Columba's Church in the village of Drumcliff. As the final resting place of W.B., it truly was a fitting place to stay a while. Moseying on in to the Church, we passed the embellished swan handles at the entrance and sat in the pews to hear about some of the history involving our surroundings.

The day wasn't all about W.B. though in all fairness, we managed a nice break from the words swimming in our heads and stopped by The Model Gallery to check in on good ol' brother Jack. One room full of paintings can tell you about the evolution of an artist. Some were definitely more impressive than others but to be fair, artists have long been a misunderstood breed.

Evening & Dinner

After freshening up and taking the time to charge our own batteries as well as our camera's, we undertook the journey to Broc House, otherwise known as the home of our hosts Damien Brennan and Paula Gilvarry. Not only is the house charming and clearly centered around the beautiful kitchen, the views are enviable - overlooking Lough Gill which is situated in the heart of Yeats Country.

Wine and nibbles kept us sane with the smells wafting from the kitchen, and a quick introduction to the resident canines kept spirits cheery. The time then came for dinner, sublimely prepared by Paula and served between bouts of banter and poems, we most definitely enjoyed every single bite. There's a chance we may be thinking back to the meal right now, the salmon roulade, pork loin, cherry and chocolate trifle...

After dinner, we settled in for more readings and tales of Yeats before departing and catching some much needed shut eye. All in all the day as a whole was an enriching experience that we would recommend to anyone who is visiting Sligo or, in fact, any lovers of literature and Irish culture.

This whole "For Yeats Sake" thing might actually catch on...