Ireland's Ancient East

As some of you may know, the East Coast's answer to the Wild Atlantic Way has arrived. Sure the promo video is a bit odd in places, with some rather quirky animation, but the idea is splendid! If you haven't checked it out yet, here it is:


See what we mean about odd?

Our West Coast & Island tours are our Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) adventures, and they will continue to run as usual, but new things are happening! For 2016, we'll be starting a tour that will explore Ireland's Ancient East. Don't fret about choice though, there wont be any overlap. Also, as both tours are roughly a week long, you have the option to continue on from one to the other.  There's so much to discover, and if you've been on multiple trips with us, you know that there's something new to discover each time. Keep an eye out for information!

So join us for fact and fiction, magic and myth, song and dance.

If the promo video didn't get you feeling more inquisitive, here's a few words and local stories from Ireland's Ancient East:


Photo Credit - Brian Morrison