Literary Leanings - Day 1

So here we are, day one of the first Celtic Journeys Literary Leanings tour. Bet you're wondering what we've been up to! Starting of easily, as most of our group have only just flown in, we headed right into Dublin City Centre. Once everyone was aboard our little coach, it was time for a nice little introduction to the city via panoramic tour.

Following on from that, Paddy drove us out to visit the James Joyce Tower and Museum. After learning some interesting tid-bits and seeing where Joyce once slept, everyone was just about ready for a spot of light lunch.

Situated alongside Dalkey Castle, The Queens (Bar & Steakroom) is really an ideal spot to stop for a delicious bite to eat...especially in the sunshine. We chowdered down on some seafood goodness...and may have had a summery beverage to go with it. After being fed and was back to the city centre with us.

The rest of the afternoon was dedicated to a quick recovery before dinner...although some of us MAY have opted for the shopping side of relaxation. Staying in Brooks Hotel, only a quick walk from Grafton street, makes everything accessible and provides no shortage of options for activities.

For the evening, we decided to make our way ALL the the corner...where we had a lovely dinner in The Hairy Lemon Pub. Not only is the food good, the atmosphere and staff will make you feel welcome and cheery. No shortage of laughter inside the vibrantly painted façade! We recommend a visit, even if only for a pint.

>>There MAY have been a stop for Murphy's Ice Cream after dinner...and a visit to Mary's Bar (& Hardware shop.)<<

Now..have you been wondering about the location of the photo up there at the tippy top of the post? The view from the Joyce Tower in Sandycove, Co. Dublin! Bet you wouldn't have guessed that one. The weather has truly been a blessing for today's adventures. Knock on wood the rest will be just as delightful...Stay tuned for more of our adventures!