Literature To Indulge In Before Your Departure

So we've given you a list of fantastic flicks...but what about some reading for the bookworms? Well, here's a seemingly comprehensive list of novels, short stories, and poems. Also, we've included some suggestions for our two upcoming literary tours. With an island so creative, there really are far too many to list here in this teeny space! This list is a bit lengthy, but it's okay, we've left the content explanation for external links. ;)

Historical Fiction (Based on Fact)

The Lion of Ireland - Brian Boru, last High King of Ireland (by Morgan Llywelyn)

Grania - Pirate Queen Grace O'Malley (by Morgan Llywelyn)

1916 / 1921 / 1949 / 1972 / 1999 - Irish Century Books (by Morgan Llywelyn)

Ireland : Novel (by Frank Delaney)

Trinity - A history of the conflict from a Nationalist, Unionist, and Aristocratic point of view. (by Leon Uris)

Factual History

A Concise History of Ireland - Easy to read (by Marie & Conor Cruise O'Brien)

Our Literary Leanings Tour 2015

Ulysses - James Joyce ( Let us know if you finish it! )

The Collected Works of Oscar Wilde

The Secret Scripture: A Novel - Sebastian Barry

The Spinning Heart - Donal Ryan

The Thing About December: A Novel - Donal Ryan

W.B. Yeats Recommendations:

The Stolen Child / The Fiddler of Dooney/ The Lake Isle of Innisfree / The Song of Wandering Aenghus / Red Hanrahan's Song About Ireland / The White Birds / When You Are Old / Three Songs to One Burden ( V2 : My Name is Henry Middleton...) / In Memory of Eva Gore-Booth & Con Markiewicz / He (Aedh) Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven / An Irish Airman Foresees his Death / Under Belbulben ( V & VI Under Bare Ben Bulben's head) / To be Carved on a Stone at Thoor Ballylee / September 1913 / Easter 1916 / The Wild Swans at Coole / Coole Park 1929 / A Prayer for my Daughter / The Second Coming / The Cat & The Moon / Brown Penny

Erin Hart 2016 Tour

A journey with US born Author Erin Hart - her crime novels focusing on archaeological discoveries in the Irish bog-lands.

Haunted Ground

Lake Of Sorrows

False Mermaid

The Book Of Killowen

In a few short weeks, we'll be embarking on our FIRST Literary Tour of Ireland. Watch this space for a day by day summary of our adventures and let us know if you'd be interested in joining us for future literary explorations.

If you have come across something that you believe should be on our reading list, please  leave a comment below!