Magical Maldives

As the whir of a boat or seaplane engine breaks the silence in the distance, you turn your head only to spot a Heron perched behind you on your deck. Down below, black tipped reef sharks glide inshore occasionally searching for tiny schools of fish that jump effortlessly from the water to avoid being nabbed. The current brings with it small waves, crashing softly on the rocks and white sand beaches surrounding the islands as snorkelers emerge from the salty Indian Ocean refreshed and ready to dry in the cool breeze.

Whether you’re one to explore what lies beneath the surface of the cool blue waters or are more of a sunbather who loves a good novel and a tan, the Maldives will be nothing short of a treat for all the senses. With many a relaxing resort on offer, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes down to accommodation, activities, and food. From buffet style meals to a plethora of cocktail concoctions, you will be well taken care of while staying at one of the many all inclusive resorts available.

Although it may be a costly destination requiring a journey composed of many a stuffy flight, the experience and all the wonders you are sure to encounter more than make up for any inconveniences along the way. Take the opportunity to overcome your jet lag by visiting the spa or partaking in some sunrise yoga.

The Maldives are far more than just a honeymoon haven and a visit should most definitely be on your bucket-list.