Peruvian Adventures

A while back, we ventured to the beautiful country of Peru, and we had one hell of a time! We even experienced a 'Llamabomb' (yes, that's a thing) while taking photos atop Machu Picchu...they're the ninjas of South America.

From the moment we arrived we knew it would be an adventure, for that's exactly what it is. Not a holiday destination, but rather an experience in its entirety. One trip may not even satiate your wanderlust, there's just too much to see! You may also want to make sure you have some space in your luggage for souvenirs...from needlework to bead-work, to interesting will be beyond tempted to bring a taste of the local culture home with you.

The beauty of the country alone is awe inspiring and it positively oozes a satisfying historical atmosphere. Entire civilizations lived and died across the land and much of the hard work they put into maintaining their livelihood has managed to survive (somewhat) to this day. Whether you wish to trek to Machu Picchu or make use of the railway system, you wont be disappointed along the journey, or once you arrive.

A lot of what makes this experience so desirable is indescribable, and we urge you to add Peru to your travel bucket list...and make the most of it while you're there. Just remember to indulge in the recommended amount of coca tea when at high altitudes, and stay hydrated.

...and yes, Guinea pig does taste a little like chicken...