Vietnam & Cambodia - The Highlights


In our last entry, we gave you a brief run down of our journey to Vietnam & Cambodia this past March...and now we're back with our favourite bits n' bobs.


Our day exploring the Mekong Delta definitely belongs at the top of the list - multiple trips on the Ben Tre River in boats of all sizes (there's some serious upper arm strength going on there behind us...)

In order to get to our lunch spot, we took advantage of a convoy of speedy Tuk-Tuks...with all the overhanging palm trees, we dubbed our trek "Duck Duck! on the Tuk Tuk."

We stopped into many an interesting workshop whilst on our adventures within the tributaries of the Mekong Delta - from brick making to coconut processing, there's SO much to see!

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Another favourite spot of ours? Hoi An! As well as being a gorgeous little place to explore by day, it's also illuminated beautifully at night and is a MUST see if you're ever in the area.

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As well as taking our time to see the fun sights, we also popped in the Cu Chi Tunnels to learn more about the relics and history of the spot. As you can see in our feature image, we got a little tutorial about how to squeeze into the hidden entries! We may also now have knowledge about how a proper booby trap works...

Afterwards, upon our return to Ho Chi Minh (Saigon,) we visited the War Remnants Museum and although it was hard to look at some of the images, it was a great addition to our itinerary.


Angkor Wat in Cambodia is beautiful in its own way, not ornate at all, but EXTREMELY impressive. It's a temple COMPLEX for goodness sake! We only got the opportunity to visit a handful of the temples within the complex, there's just too much to take in unless you set aside a few days for it...but what we saw? Well...we fit in the best bits ;)

Now, we visited many a decorative temple while on our trip, but this is special in the best way possible and we recommend the lofty climb up to the tallest tower, no matter the wait time.

Did you know that portions of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider were filmed in the Temple of Ta Prohm in Angkor Wat? Well, now you do! These trees may look familiar...

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The Eats & Treats

NO, we aren't going to give you the whole low-down on it, because that would take way too long and we'd be gushing about our meals and giving you chopstick tips. For now though:

DO - Try the coffee

DO - Try the local dishes

DO - Give everything a chance

DON'T - Feel obligated to use chopsticks

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Last but not least, we're going to give you some advice about food...make sure you know what you're getting when you're ordering the fish!