Weather you're ready for it or not....

As a general rule, you should check the forecast at your destination no matter the situation and prepare for all eventualities. Don't be afraid to bring a sweater even when the temperatures are set to soar, it may come in handy at night or on the plane on the way to and from. 

Most of this may seem like common knowledge to many of you, but for those of you who are new to traveling the globe...


If you do keep an eye on the forecast, don't trust it 100 percent! If you're going to be out and about for a lengthy period of time the weather might change. It could be sunny on the coast and raining in the city centre, or vice-versa. If you're not up for carrying too much OR being caught out, just bring a pair of sunglasses and a light jacket to tide you over.

Renting a car? Keep bits in the car that you may not want to cart around with you and sure to have something to wipe the windows with (rain and cold don't always come hand in hand - steamy isn't a great look, nor great for driving.)

Are you the type to pack light? Keep an eye out for products that are known for pulling some epic double duty. Also, don't be afraid to go one size up with a light rain jacket, being able to wear one over a wool sweater will most likely come in handy.

Man or woman, cold or heat, light scarves come in handy on many occasions. Whether it be protection from sun, or wind...or to preserve modesty, they're a handy item to have on your list.

No matter where you go, never ever skimp on the sunscreen. When the weather is warm, clouds will not keep you from a bit of colour. We're sure you know what you need in the way of sunscreen...right?


There'll never be a day that goes by that an Irish person doesn't spark some weather related conversation with a friend or a stranger. Even taxi journeys are spent trying to figure out how busy the driver is based on the current rain or shine situation.

Whether you've visited the Emerald Isle or not, you'll probably be aware that all four seasons can make an appearance in one afternoon. Hell, one part of a town can be like a foreign land compared to another! We've always found social media to be rather reliable for information like this, once you've found the right people to follow.

When it comes to Ireland and the UK, the ever changing weather conditions call for more preparation than some other similar destinations. Like we mentioned above, just bringing along sunglasses and a lightweight jacket can make all the difference to your day.

Umbrellas - You may need one, you may not. We suggest buying a cheap one when you arrive so you can leave it behind you when you head home. It may not even last long if the wind is unforgiving. Many cute souvenir shops even charge less for umbrellas WHEN it’s raining as a show of good faith.

Because you're never too far away from the coast, things can get pretty overwhelming! If you are ON the coast...and there are cliffs...please pay attention to warning signs. The rain in Spain MAY stay mainly in the plain, but the wind directions in Ireland are simply insane.

Temperature wise, there's rarely extremes to deal with...and when the country does have abnormally high or low temperatures to battle, they're on the losing end more often than not. Ireland itself may have preparation issues from time to time, but you don't have to.

No matter the weather, there's always something to be done. If you're keen on packing your trip with activities, plan ahead of time and make a note of alternative indoor activities for inclement conditions. OR do what we used to do once upon a time - make tea in a flask and have an impromptu picnic in the the the pouring rain...while trying to keep the windows from getting foggy.