Welcome to the Irish Music Party...

#IrishMusicParty - Here's a focus on some music that offers something different than the Trad Sessions you may usually attend.

What is this you ask? Well, it's been happening every Monday on Twitter for about 13 weeks now between 9pm-11pm (Irish Time.) Musicians and Industry personalities alike have been using this as a forum to connect with each other in order to help with promoting some kickass home-grown music. You're well aware that the Irish are a creative lot, and there are acts in the charts that you know and love such as Hozier and The Script. But who do we hop on a bus to see in dimly lit pubs across the country? The answer isn't really that simple. We have the likes of Hot Press Magazine and GoldenPlec to enlighten us about emerging acts of course, but speaking with the musicians themselves brings a whole new meaning to being a music lover.

Here's a few regular party attendees (everything from retro to rock!) :

Barry Jay Hughes - Co. Monaghan - Video

Wolves of Youth - Donegal / Cavan - Video

Johnny Gallagher & The Boxtie Band - Bundoran - Video

Mindriot mt. - Cork - Video

Cookie and the Vaudevilles - Cork - Video

Hvmmingbyrd - Co. Kildare - Video

Lavelle - Dublin - Video


Some other acts to check out : 

Hermitage Green - Limerick - Video

Walking On Cars - Dingle - Video

King Kong Company - Waterford - Video

O'Emperor - Waterford - Video

Later on in this blog, we'll bring you various lists of festivals that you're more than welcome to attend. Some are big music festivals such as Electric Picnic that will get you camping and dancing, other's are food focused like Waterford's Harvest Festival. There's something every week in the summer, you just have to be in the right place at the right time!

Leave us a comment with when you're coming, and we can recommend something to you!