What's On The Telly?

Our Irish loves...(You can catch up on at least half of these gems on Netflix.) If  you're heading over for a trip and want to check out some of the locations for any of the shows just let us know. The house from Father Ted is quite a popular spot for even the Irish...

The Classic Obsession

Father Ted: This one pretty much speaks for itself. If you have been exposed to any sort of Irish humor, you've probably heard a Father Ted Joke. Most of the country still thinks that the song "My Lovely Horse" should have been a legitimate Eurovison Song Contest entry.

This came to a close nearly 20 years ago, but it's one of those shows you can watch repeats of almost continuously. (Clip)

The Dramatics

Love/Hate: Our beloved Dublin based crime drama with a brilliant cast. If you've ever been curious about Dublin's seedy criminal underworld, here's a great (fictional) glance inside. Honestly we're amazed that the actor that plays Nidge is actually so incredibly posh sounding in real life! (Clip)

The Fall: Okay so...This one is British...but it's based in Belfast so we're going with it. Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan...need we say more? This drama gives you a story of a serial killer from both points of view. (Clip)

Vikings: This Irish-Canadian historical drama is filled with beautiful Irish scenery and is a story inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Now, it's not 100% historically accurate...but it's still one hell of a show! (Clip)

The Humorous 

Mrs Browns Boys: This may be produced in the UK, but the cast consists of Dublin born Comedian (and creator) Brendan O'Carroll...and his family. When you play a woman...and your wife plays your daughter...and your sister plays your best friend...things are bound to get interesting. This has been so successful that there's been a film and a few live show tours. Half of what you see? Is O'Carroll improvising and messing with his family. When someone cracks up in the show...it's real.

There's always something going on with this show...Holiday specials are a blast! (Clip)

Republic Of Telly: A TV review and magazine program...it's satirical and basically our version of Saturday Night Live. It's given birth to such comedy acts as The Rubberbandits and Damo & Ivor and even Will Farrel made an appearance...kind of. (Clip)

For The (Old) Kids

Bosco: Popular in the 70's and 80's, Bosco was basically Ireland's Lamb Chop while simultaneously being the old school Gaelic answer to Dora The Explorer. Although everything really ended for Bosco years ago, the ambiguous puppet recently revealed he's a boy...and even has a twitter these days...and is helping to raise money for LauraLynn's Children's Hospice. (Clip)

We could go on and on about shows like Ballykissangel, Red Rock, Moone Boy...and talk about how Ireland is an ideal filming location (Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful) but we're pretty sure you already know how amazing it is.