Italy has so much to offer.  Where do you start?  


Everywhere you turn there is beautiful scenery, magnificent artwork, spectacular monuments and a rich deep history that has helped shape the world.  

From the majestic Alps in the North to the Amalfi Coast to the Island of Sicily in the very south and major cities that are modern, vibrant and  full of historic architecture. Italian culture has brought us so much, magnificent artists like Leonardo De Vinci and Michelangelo,beautiful food and great wines and when you combine all of those you have the ingredients of a magical vacation. 

With large cities that are renowned for their individuality:


Milan - Modern, cosmopolitan and one of the fashion capitals of the world.


Venice - A romantic historical city, surrounded by water, where your mode of transport is a boat.


Florence - Historically important as the city that brought us the Renaissance, and the main city of the Tuscan Region with its rolling valleys.


Rome - The countries capital city, a busy and bustling city brimming with culture and history, home to a country within a country, the Vatican City head of the Catholic Church.


If you desire a private vacation in Italy we are happy to provide you with an itinerary that will ensure your trip is all and more than you expect.  Contact us for details on planning your private trip to Italy.