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Over the years Ireland has grown and changed in many ways. Ireland's reputation for excellent food, quality accommodations, and challenging golf courses has improved beyond expectations. The one thing that has stayed

is the warm and welcoming personality of its people.


Whatever it is that draws you to Ireland, ancestry, landscapes that change before your eyes, historic monuments and ruins, you will not be disappointed. Ireland’s magnificent counties offer everything from ancient heritage, culture, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and so much more.


The most difficult choice will be what to include in your itinerary.




Golf: Boasting some of the worlds most famous and infamous

golf courses, its signature lush greens and spectacular coastal

views make a round of golf a tourist attraction in itself.


Fishing & other water activities: The west coast of Ireland

in particular Connemara and Mayo offer, amidst the rugged

beauty of an area with a diverse system of interconnected

loughs and rivers the very best of fly fishing in Ireland.  Sea

kayaking is also offered in the region along with areas in West

Cork where you can additionally enjoy whale watching and

wind surfing.


Horse Riding: Many stables offer week long learning

vacations, perhaps just an hour to enjoy a ride along one of

the many stunning beaches, or a long trek through the

mountains and hillside.  Whatever your preference and skill

level there is something for you.


Cooking: With so many great restaurants, Ireland’s cooking

schools have evolved into wonderful centres of learning where

you can enjoy a great vacation and learn  new skills or

improve your current ones.